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Floor Leveling Compound

Applying Floor Leveling Compound

Floor Leveling CompoundA floor leveling compound is an essential part of any floor installation. Without it, homeowners would find their floors unattractive but also a danger zone when walking. Regardless of what type of material is being used for the floor, a floor leveling compound should always be present. This is the one responsible for making sure that the floor is leveled with each, creating a smooth and flat surface. Following is the proper method of applying a floor leveling compound.

Choose the Material

There are actually different types of floor leveling compound ideal for different types of floor. Whether its tile or wood, there is a leveling compound designed to accommodate this material. Those being said, make sure to purchase the correct one.


One of the most important parts of applying floor leveling compound is the clean up before they are installed. Get rid of any debris or dust since this could negatively affect the effectiveness of the compound.

Be Accurate

Floor Leveling Compound preparationThe whole point of a leveling compound is to make sure that the surface material would come out flat. Hence, putting too much or too little compound would basically ruin the leveling purpose. That being said, users would need to estimate exactly how many they are going to pour. Make use of proper materials to make sure that the compound will dry out completely flat.

If there are any unleveled parts, simply sand it off and sweep away the debris before installation of the final flooring.

Of course, don’t forget to make use of safety items during application of a floor leveling compound. This would allow individuals to clean up fast after their job not to mention protect them from any dangers in the site. Keep in mind that levelers are very sticky so it is very hard to get them off clothes.

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