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Foundation Jacks: Simple Machines to give you A Hand in your House Repairs

Foundation JacksCracks on your walls and sagging posts are often tell-tale signs of underlying problems on your house’s foundation and you might have to consider doing some repair and renovation to your property. Now, don’t panic – there’s actually no need to tear down the whole house structure to carry the foundation repairs. Believe it or not, there are machines that, when properly used, could prove to be very useful in doing the job. Some examples of such machine, in particular, are foundation jacks.

Using foundation jacks is one of your main choices when doing lifting jobs. A foundation jack basically operates on the same principle with the other kind of jacks. Powered by hydraulic or air, it gives ease and support in lifting a section of the house or building, like the posts or slabs. These jacks could prove to be mighty useful when you have cases of sunken slabs or sagging posts that need re-lifting to bring them back to their original position.

Most of these foundation jacks are made of steel and have a capacity to lift around 10,000 pounds of every square inch of stress. When properly used they are very effective in raising sections of your house that need lifting, including both concrete and wood structures.

best Foundation JacksPerhaps the foremost thing that you have to know about foundation jacks is how to properly use them. Because you would be dealing with heavy structures here, you would be prone to accidents and hazards that you can best avoid by proper use of the equipment. There are also different types, models and sizes of foundation jacks that you could find in the market, depending on your needs and preferences.

Well, a wise thing to do is to conduct a thorough assessment first of the situation that you’ll need a foundation jack for before you make any choices.

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