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Jacking Up a House

Jacking Up a House – Is it a Good Idea?

Jacking Up a HouseJacking up a house is something a lot of homeowners want to attempt. Considering how much it would cost, it isn’t really surprising that more and more people are searching for tips about jacking up a house.

However, lifting a house from ground level in order to repair it from the bottom is a task best done by professionals. The fact is that it takes not only special equipments when jacking up a house but also sufficient knowledge about structures. When lifting up a house, it is important to place the hydraulic jacks in specific locations so that the house would be lifted without crumbling.

As mentioned, materials used for jacking up a house are something only accessible to professional. No matter how powerful a jack owned by a homeowner is, it’s unlikely that it will be able to lift the house. Even if it does, there’s a good chance that they will crumble from the pressure soon after.

safety Jacking Up a HouseAnother consideration is safety. Jacking a house is usually done to access items at the bottom and to basically address problems at the bottom. Even if a person does succeed in jacking up a house, there is no guarantee that the home would remain elevated. A lot of things could happen from the hydraulic jack giving up or the construction of the house getting compromised. This is especially true for wood houses that could easily break and bend when exposed on the wrong circumstances.

Those being said, lifting up a house is NOT recommended for homeowners. Ideally, they should call a professional who could do the job and have back up plan in case something goes wrong. Opting for DIY when jacking up a house is not only more risky but could make a person homeless when done incorrectly.

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